Experienced Piano Teacher for Northampton, Daventry, Towcester and Weedon

Format of lessons

Lessons take place in my sitting room on a Challen grand piano with a good, light touch, particuarly suited to clear, expressive playing. Parents are welcome to sit in on their children’s lessons and can relax in a comfy chair. If you are unable, or prefer not to stay, you can leave your children and pick them up after the lesson (for your information, I am CRB checked). Ample parking is available right outside my house.

Why learn piano?

All pupils learn to play on my grand piano

The main reason will always be for enjoyment. By learning to play the piano you will develop a wonderful skill which will last you a lifetime.

But read on! There has been a lot of research into the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument:

People who obtain an education in music are generally smarter that those without any musical education. The internet is loaded with research on the effects music can have on growing children. For example “a research team exploring the link between music and intelligence reported that music training is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children’s abstract reasoning skills, the skills necessary for learning math and science.” (Rauscher, F.H., Shaw, G.L., Levine, L.J., Wright, E.L., Dennis, W.R. and Newcomb, R.L. (1997) ‘Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children’s spatial-temporal reasoning’, Neurol. Res., 19(1), 2-8.)

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